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Pie Dumas
August 26, 2020

From the reception on the phone during my numerous "collecting data" calls, speaking with Hope & Kimberly, I was impressed by their patience (I ask A LOT of questions), their friendly professionalism, and kind support, answering every question, including breaking down their fees (no dental insurance), etc. Today was my 1st, new patient app't. I had called to ask how they were handling safety issues relative to the Virus and was told that I would wait in my car until it was my time to be called into the building. They would all wear masks, and "technicians and dentists" would wear a mask, plus face shield. I was sold, since I am super cautious. The car waiting period was fairly brief, then I was welcomed inside. Used their immaculate bathroom! My hygienist, Ariel, is a dream. She also answered my questions, made me feel as comfortable as I would ever feel in a dentist chair! Very kind, supportive, thoughtful, and well-skilled. I felt safe, confident in her ability, and genuinely appreciated. She took x-rays, which wasn't too uncomfortable - you know, those weird old cardboard pieces that many hygienists place in your mouth, where the edges cut into your gums?? Well, Buckingham Family Dentistry has an upscale, updated version that doesn't dig into your gums and even looks pretty cool! The "cleaning" portion was the most uncomfortable, but even that (after 1 whole year from last cleaning) wasn't too bad, and Ariel was so efficient and skillful that the whole process went pretty fast. Next up, Doc Kathleen Seiler was also a dream: very kind, methodical, gentle and most importantly, did not scare me! She explained that I have "generalized gum disease," which I suspect is better than "specified or specialized!" She agreed. She has a sense of humor, they both do, which is very important to me. I felt respected, cared for and safe! When I am told what to expect in a new practice, it means the world to me when what I experience actually matches the words of the people on the phone whose voices represent the practice and its reputation. I am very picky and very sensitive, so these things matter greatly to me. I left Scottsville Family Dentistry after one and only visit following Doc Richard Baier retiring/selling his practice to a couple of dentists, who also moved in some of their hygienists - a most unpleasant experience: the dentist asked rude and insulting questions, and the hygienist scared me with inappropriate comments while arguing with me about when my last app't had been. Plus, she "nicked" my teeth and gums more than once, and when I said, "Ouch," each time, she didn't once say, "sorry." I felt disrespected and scared when I left that day, since I was told that my gums were in really bad shape, and the dentist I saw had a most unflattering "chair-side" manner. To top it off when the app't was complete, they had increased their fees over Baier's by A LOT, and in my opinion, completely outrageous for the services they provide. Ariel was the first hygienist to ever recommend a Water Pic, and we discussed my dental care tools at length. I'm excited and hopeful that I have a better plan for home-care, and Ariel assured me that with frequent cleaning, I should minimize the gum-recession damage. At checkout time, the final total due was less than I had imagined, based on my information-gathering! Their fees are reasonable and respectful. They have a beautiful view in the back, which includes a small garden. The only thing I didn't care for was the radio station playing throughout the facility, but Ariel was quick to turn it off when I asked. : ) I am thankful that I found this practice and look forward to my follow-up app't next year. I have confidence in the professionals I met today and thank them wholeheartedly. Pie

Donna Hawkins
October 01, 2020

I had my 1st cleaning today with Ariel, she was very thorough and took great care in keeping me comfortable and talking me through my fear ..I was full of anxiety before my appointment , but left very confident in their safety measures that they took due to covid and was so glad I went. This was my 2nd visit to the dentist in the past 2 weeks and I'm looking forward to going back and am grateful that I found them....They truly are all amazing.....

Julianna Charlton
January 05, 2018

I've dealt with Buckingham Family Dentistry on several levels. They are kind, skilled, attentive, and intent on serving their patients, who they see as their community and neighbors. Firstly, I had an employee with tooth problems at different times - a tooth broken at the roots and a tooth infection. Each time they either stayed late or made time for him THAT DAY. He had no insurance. Secondly, I moved to the area over three years ago and have chosen to use this practice for the kindness and competency they have shown in the past. I haven't requested anyone in particular, and several times the doctors themselves did the cleaning for me. Dr. Bryant and his daughter, "Mrs" Dr. Seiler have THE gentlest touch of anyone who has ever done my dental work, and I've found that most dentists and hygienists are conscientious and gentle. "Mr" Dr. Seiler is also wonderful and attentive. Even when they have a tough situation, they are all still gentle and effectively complete their tasks. Thirdly, they make payment as painless as possible, too. When I did not have dental insurance, they offered a discount on their services if they were paid in full on that visit. As an aside, I am told Dr. Bryant heard of a car accident on the scanner where a young girl was hurt and, among other things, lost a tooth. Dr. Bryant went to the scene and recovered the tooth for her and got her fixed up. WHO CARES THAT MUCH FOR THEIR NEIGHBORS???? Can you ask for more, really? Oh, and don't forget to floss. : )

Virginia Hayes
June 12, 2018

Nicest dentists I have ever met! So happy I found them! Worth the drive from Farmville!

Teresa Mann
May 15, 2017

The people are very friendly. I'm not stuck waiting in the waiting room, I get there and I'm almost instantly seen. They make me feel comfortable and make sure I'm not in pain. Would rate higher if I could!!

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